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Printmaking: Linocuts

All of these linocuts are inspired by dreams.
Size: A3

The Snake, the Centipede and the Cup of Tea
Big Hair Saved the Butterfly
Angel Musicians Celebrate Snowdonia
Decision Made, Others Not So Sure
The Bird Attacking a Dog - 420x297mm
A Quadrupled Irritated by an Insect
A Bird Repells the Insect
A Snake Protecting an Angel
Alligtors Fighting over Five Crowns
The Acrobat is Alarmed by an Insect
Aircraft Man Proceeds Regardless of Obstacles
The Alphabet is Threatened by a Decorated Crab
No Right Turn for the Greedy Duck
Enemies Reconciled, Aproned Ladies are Doubtful
Gold Man Eaten, Jellyfish to the Rescue